Founded in March 2011, Akonter bookmarks website is a social bookmarking service which helps individuals and webmasters save and share their favorite websites or bookmarks online. We're focused on business, shopping, services and marketing websites. Akonter lets you discover more about what others are finding interesting through their tags. Thus finding a lot of websites you may get many benefits from them.

What can you do in Akonter

  • 1- save all your favorite bookmarks websites
  • 2- share your story Easily manually to all the social bookmarking Sites
  • 3- Vote and comment on story
  • 4- Share stories with friends
  • 5- Submit a micro-blogging status update to your profile
  • 6- Follow-up stories friends micro-blogging in your profile
  • 7- Send the story to your friends to e-mail
  • 8- Send private messages to your friends on akonter
  • 9- Follow-up to the latest news and stories in akonter
  • 10- Get free text link public and marketing products
  • 11- sign in with twitter, Follow Twitter Friends, Tweet my stories immediately
  • 12- Add a street view and Google Maps location to your story
  • 13- View thumbnails of the story before going to the Source

What is Akonter

Akonter bookmarks is a social bookmarking service which lets you save favorites and share bookmarks by Tags, particularly shopping, business, services and marketing websites.

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