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Build your own network and get more customers

Engaging with customers is the most important step in order to run a business or market any product. Ning provides easy solutions to help you get more customers.

Ning, launched in 2005, enables individuals & organizations to increase their presence by launching their own social communities. It is an online platform which specializes in creating custom social networks. Generally you can create a website with your favorite appearance including many features depending on your niche. These features include photos, blogs, plus integration with Twitter, Google Plus and other social networking websites. So Ning helps in integrating community into your website, and thus reaching more customers and improve visibility.

It provides users with easy steps since you can pick ready or customized themes to create a unique one. Ning uses HTML5 templates; this will lead to professional designs which are compatible with all devices including smartphones and desktop computers.

Understanding your customers has become too easy during any marketing campaign as a result of using analytics that gives you full information about your members. Let’s have a look at pricing:

Basic plan: $25 per month, 1000 members, email support within 48 hours, 2 administrators.
Performance plan: $49 per month, 10000 members, email support within 24 hrs, 5 administrators.
Ultimate plan: $99 per month, 100000 members, hotline support, 10 administrators.

All plans include anti-spam protection, privacy and moderation controls.
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