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Cloud based solutions for web and mobile businesses

Founded by three men with a unique vision, Conduit is founded in 2005; it quickly became an award winning business worth over 1.3 billion dollars by 2012, thus solidifying itself as one of the largest internet company. Conduit offers several different products that meet the needs of its customers. They have become a major player in desktop & mobile software innovation, especially when it pertains to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

As their premier product, Como is a must use tool for any person, restaurant, small business, event or more wishing to develop their own mobile apps. With over 1 million apps already produced and an additional 4500 per day being added to that total, this innovative product is helping “the little guy” make it mainstream by reaching all new fans all over the world. They can achieve this level of success by offering all the tools a small business, musician, non-profit or even educator could possibly need, ranging from e-commerce and coupons, audio content plus videos, real-time updates as well as attendance reports, calendars, resources & more.

In this fast technology based world, another very useful product offered on is U Crossover. A new browser, U has made it easier than ever before to cross over from your desktop to your mobile and back. Simply by having this powerful browser open on both platforms you can crossover at will allowing unprecedented interaction between devices and freedom previously unknown.
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