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CPMStar – A Stagnant Lead in Advertising Networks

CPMStar is an online game advertising network that would be sought out by their three main target audience; advertisers, publishers & developers. The options for mobile developers for app publishing or advertising are also available. It has been available since the early 2001. The website is very heavy with graphic as it is a gaming website, the reason behind this is to promote and boast about their capability on promoting games and all designs. It has a very simple interface with an easy navigation system.

There have been various reviews regarding their services. Some say that they are slow in responses and compared to other ad networks, CPMSTar remains particular average, especially next to their competitor Adtomatik. AlthoughCPM STAR does have a current rank of the 10,099th on Alexa website ranking.

It seems interesting when you see how far CPM Star has come through and which direction would they take. They do have an impressive background, having worked with Disney, Nintendo, and even PSVita. They do seem like a best bet but safe to scout for other advertising networks as well so you have managed to cover all bases. With CPM Star, you can advertise something particular on various gaming & entertainment platforms. Keep in mind, however, they could offer 65% revenue, so that is such an advantage that most other business could offer.
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