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Free file sharing without any registration

Sharing files with others is very useful to those who care about uploading and sharing their stuff online. There are various sharing websites that offer such services on the web. Let’s talk about rodfile site which is considered one of the top 10000 websites.

You do not need an account to upload simple files online. All you need is to browse your personal PC, pick your file, and then upload it. You will get a direct download link in addition to a link for forums & ready HTML code if you need. There are three types of accounts: free, registered and premium membership. Let’s compare between them quickly.

The free account is without any registration information but your files will last for just 10 days and limited storage space. In the case of creating a valid account, you’ll have a registered type which allows uploaded files to be valid for 30 days with 20 GB as a storage space. The premium membership offers unlimited download with no advertisements. In addition, your files will never be deleted. Premium memberships start from $5 and can be increased depending on your needs.
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