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Makeuseof is an educational website founded in 2007 by Aibek Esengulov. It educates the users to get connected to their devices, computers and internet. They help users to learn more about gadgets or technologies they have been using or looking forward to use. Website is in the form of blogs that provide information about websites software and give certain tips for Internet and technology news. One can stay up-to-date regarding different stuff through their desktops while sitting home. Makeuseof produces reviews and articles for clients to provide unique perspective of the brands for readers. They create sponsored newsletters for clients and send them to different audience according to their requirements and through customized newsletter the client gets maximum exposure. PDF guides are made to cover many topics that cannot be covered in a single post. Guides provide comprehensive version of this topic or any article. Website also creates display ads for customers and brands and promotes them through different means. Makeuseof site helps users to know about different gadgets, websites, and software while sitting at their desktops. They have privacy policy that is followed strictly. They give free eBooks for clients. Any information shared is unleashed to the third party or the readers with the consent of the customer. Makeuseof is followed by thousands of people and regular readers through internet on different social websites.
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