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Plastic Water Bottle Manufacturers

In this case, However, PP aging resistance is poor, susceptible to more than 100 ℃ thermonuclear sunlight aging, it is necessary to add antioxidants and UV absorbers; PP poor cold resistance, the following should be added in the 0 ℃ plasticizer. As the cap using injection molding, and PP itself is white, and thus need to add a certain amount of lubricant and coloring agent. In this case,
In summary, the design of the material used in the bottle body: HDPE; hinge: PP. In this case,
(C) to determine the manufacturing process
1) The molding method of the cap is injection method. In this case,
Injection of the process: melting - injection - stereotypes. Injection molding can shape a complex shape, size, precision, with metal or non-metallic inserts molded products, high productivity, suitable for complex shape caps.

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