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Schedule screen sharing and online meetings

How could someone start online meetings with partners? Are there easy tools that help in arranging online meetings? Those questions are frequently asked by a lot of people. Therefore, two pieces of information need to be specified: a simple process & safe tool. Join me site is a simple solution for this problem.

What is Join me? A powerful tool that anyone is able to use for the purpose of scheduling instant screen sharing or joining an existing meeting.

How does it work? Members always use Join me website for free or go pro to get more features.

Let's cover all points of the free version. You can start free meetings on Windows, Mac & mobile, and then just send the code to your friends. All they must do is entering this code in join meeting part and the meeting shall be held. You will enjoy some free features such as chatting, sending files and sharing your screen. You can also join private chat or let anyone control your screen as well.

If you go pro, you can schedule meetings in advance. Two ways are available which are joining conference calls through internet or phone with no restrictions or limitations. Plus you can download an app to start any meeting directly from your desktop without using your browser. The solutions above are what some companies applied and it worked fine for them.

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