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Share the files with others using a huge storage service

Box is a storage service that provides different features as well for the users. The storage was designed for the people who use one or more than one operating systems so they may get helped in certain ways. The main usage of the services is to lend a hand to the people requiring many computers to work at same time. The service provides tremendous storage capacity which works as an advantage. The website’s actual service is to offer as backup services but on the other hand it is working as a storage service too. Box provides different features like helping to assign the tasks to different users who are part of the task provided, synchronizing the files automatically, and sharing the quick file links. The website has both private as well as professional use and has made a good market share in the field of storage services. It helps in synchronizing desktops for example if a file is available on a computer at one side it can be accessed through other computer too. It means the office work or home work can be done at another location. Website also provides the feature that you can share the files with others without logging in to the website account. For sending large files to other computers, this service is very helpful. Large emails can also be transferred to other systems through the help of this site.
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Written by samagas
2 days ago
Can u please explain what type of storage .

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